I thank God for a lifetime of unmerited love and support not only in this life, but also in the life to come!



I thank God for giving me Holy Ghost inspiration to create this site!



I thank my mom Edyth Nelson and my dad Willie Nelson for a lifetime of love, commitment, dedication, and support-unparallelled----and for always being there to whip my butt when I was younger----whenever I deserved it.



Thank you to my brother Karl for ALWAYS being there for me----Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



I thank God for my children Erica and EJ.



I thank God for Paula, Jayce Jaymeson, The Cheff family, Trish, etc.



To all of my friends and family I can't thank you enough for a lifetime of love, commitment & dedication. I simply don't have enough room or time to mention everyone who deserves a lifetime of  unyielding gratitude from your's truly.



I want to thank Tyler Moore for the 'Tesseract Theme' Create A Website.



I want to thank Pixabay for being the most AWESOME site on the web to download free high resolution photos and pics.



I also want to thank Unsplash for their great free high resolution photos and pics.




Don't leave just yet!down-24813_640


Thanks Again Everybody!

I really appreciate you!


With Love!


Now you can GO!
Now you can GO!