By Brother Eric Nelson

Bible prophecy is always in reference to the earth NOT Heaven. Israel will inherit the earth; the Body of Christ will inherit Heaven.

{Romans 8:18 & Isaiah 60:1} These scriptures denote the fact that the glory of the Body of Christ will be revealed from within us by the Holy Ghost within us, while the future glory that will be revealed on all of Israel will come upon them physically by the same Holy Ghost. That’s why there was the visible manifestation of the tongues of fire on the Day of Pentecost---before they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.

{Daniel 7:13-14; Daniel 7:27; Daniel 2:44; Psalm 2: 7-8; Jeremiah 23:5} These scriptures make reference to the fact that Jesus Christ will rule on the earth----in particularly the new earth----forever and ever.

{Isaiah 46:13; Isaiah 11:9; Matthew 5,6,7; Romans 9: 3-4; John 11: 47-52} All of Israel will one day be saved as a nation as a result of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This will be a supernatural physical glory that will come upon them. This type of salvation is not to be confused with the supernatural spiritual salvation that dwells within the hearts of men during this current dispensation known as the Age of Grace.

{Isaiah 53; Luke 24:25; Luke 1:67-75} All of the prophets prophesied about Jesus Christ coming to the earth and dying for the nation of Israel----that they would one day be saved from their enemies. This will happen during the tribulation period when Christ returns to the earth to set up His earthly Kingdom for 1000 years.

{Matthew 5, 6 & 7} The Sermon on the Mount is the Constitutional declaration by King Jesus as to how life will be governed on earth during the Millennial Reign.

{1 Peter 1: 9-13; Acts 3:19; 1 Peter 5:1} Israel is under a performance based acceptance salvation----not to be confused with the free gift of salvation given by God during this current dispensation known as the Age of Grace. Jesus Christ will restore Israel and then glorify them when He comes to planet earth in order to set up His kingdom.

{Galatians 2:9} Peter, James & John (also known as the Elders of the Church) ministered to Israel, while Paul & Barnabas ministered to the Gentiles. Paul ministered to the Body of Christ, while Peter, James & John ministered to the Wife of God and the Bride of Christ aka. the nation of Israel plus the land mass that accompanies them. The reason they ministered to different people is because the gospels they were teaching were very different gospels.

{Titus 2:11} “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men.”

{1 Peter 5:1} Peter refers to Jesus Christ coming to earth in order to set up His everlasting kingdom.

{1 Peter 4: 12-15} Peter refers to the fiery trials of the tribulation period that Israel will be delivered from upon the revelation of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

{Matthew 25: 31-40} Gentiles will be saved during the tribulation period by blessing the Jews. As a result, Gentiles will receive salvation when the revelation of Jesus Christ appears upon the earth.

{Matthew 24: 27-31} This refers to the actual revelation of Jesus Christ to planet earth.

{1 John 3:2} Israel will one day be like Jesus when He physically comes to earth.

{Isaiah 61: 3-9} When Jesus delivers Israel out of the tribulation period He will replace all of their sorrow with joy.

{Isaiah 62: 1-2} When God’s glory physically comes upon Israel they will literally glow like burning lamps.

{Isaiah 51:11} Israel will be glorified from without NOT from within, once they have been delivered out of the tribulation period. The Lord’s supernatural glory will come upon them thus giving them glorified bodies. The Jews who received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost under the auspices of the New Testament Covenant in the book of Acts will be glorified from within. Their eternal destination will be the supernatural heavenly city known as: The New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven and rest upon the new earth. The Jews---as a nation---will be glorified from without----when ALL of Israel will be saved after the tribulation period has ended.

The tribulation period is a culling process for the nation of Israel due to their overall rejection of the Jesus Christ as their Messiah (had Israel accepted Jesus Christ as their long awaited Messiah they would have been restored as a nation approximately 2000 years ago).

The glory that will physically come upon the Jews----when all of Israel will be saved----is not to be confused with the glory that will come from within for those who have received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost (aka. the Bride of Christ & the Body of Christ).

The Jews---as a nation---will populate the new earth and they will be highly favored among all nations of the new earth---- due to God’s supernatural glory that will physically come upon them thus giving them glorified bodies. Once they have received glorified bodies in this capacity, the Jews will be able to enter The New Jerusalem and minister to God Himself. They will actually live upon the new earth but they will be able to physically enter The New Jerusalem once they have received glorified bodies.