Lonesome Valley

By Brother Eric Nelson

This is by far the best poem I have ever written. It was written back in the early 90's. It is an inner heart cry that every human being faces at some point in time during their lives.

There's a valley in my heart.


There's a valley wide and deep.


It's a valley full of flowers with a fragrance soft and sweet.


Only God is there to enjoy this valley.


Not many know it's there.


In a world full of corruption and self absorbtion,


there's not many who even care.






Weeping willows.






There's a silence that whispers from this valley in my heart,


A kin of night,


A friend of death,


And loneliness impart.


My valley is very lonely,


maybe God and I should talk!


There's a valley like this for all


that we each have to walk.


I wish that I were close to God


then He and I could talk.