Marriage Is A Crucible!

By Brother Eric Nelson









God----in His infinite wisdom----tends to use whatever hand He is dealt in order to sanctify us once He has justified us (aka: given us the free irrevocable gift of eternal life).

I was once talking to a young Spirit filled sister who was madly in love----at least she thought she was.

She had lost the ability to think in a clear rational manner----nor could she come close to controlling her negative emotions consisting of fear, guilt, anger, sadness, insecurity, frustration, etc.

She had freely given this overgrown man-child all kinds of power to abuse her mentally----and that's exactly what he did----and this was the guy she wanted to marry and have children with.


She clearly did not understand that marriage is not a fairy tale! Marriage is not for mental children! Marriage is a spiritual crucible!

Find out why she could not think clearly!

When a refiner of silver heats the silver to extreme temperatures in a crucible----the first layer of impurities float to the surface where they are promptly removed with a strainer. This process is repeated seven times----until the refiner can see His reflection in the silver.

When the refiner can see Himself reflected in His silver He knows the silver is pure.

Marriage tends to expose that nasty embarrassing stuff deep within us---even stuff we did not know was there.

TIME OUT for intellectual dishonesty, such as: "I never had a temper until I got married. Or, that woman led me to start drinking. Or, he has stolen my self esteem." (Really? Now how can someone steal your God-given God-ordained self esteem----unless you willfully hand it over to them in the first place?.....and if you are dumb enough to do that then please DIAL 1-800-SPRINGER so you can go on national TV and get your head WHOPPED!!!!!)

You simply can't stir up spiritual impurities like anger, malice, hatred, variance, strife, low self esteem, self pity, etc. if it isn't already there in the first place.

Unfortunately, most saved-married couples are blissfully unaware of the sanctification process that goes on within the framework of marriage; therefore they fail to deal quickly and efficiently with the nasty impurities that arise to the top. Many couples even allow those nasty impurities to drive them apart.

On the other hand, a couple that understands the mechanics of the sanctification process will always grow closer together mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, financially, etc.

They will encounter multitudes of spiritual victories as they continue to nurture each other through the sanctification process.