My Ought Against Pentecost! (The Spiritual Psychology of Female Enslavement!)

By Brother Eric Nelson










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I apologize!

I have been trying to get back to work on this article. The problem is that there is a ton of material that needs to be covered in order to get you----three of you in particular----on the road to recovery; so this article is now being converted into a small e book. In order to expedite time I thought it would be a much quicker process to go ahead turn it into an audio-book or perhaps a youtube video, but I am still in the valley of decision. I will try to make a special effort to work on this article all day this coming Saturday.

I've been in the process of trying to secure a loan in order to start a small organic fast food restaurant and that's what's been consuming a lot of my time. I have to make special haste in order to do everything correctly----because frankly----my heart can't stand yet another failure in this capacity. LOL! I need forty thousand dollars and I've decided to not borrow against my own name. So if you are in the market and would like to draw some great interest on an investment that I am reasonably sure will be paid back within a six to eight month span of time PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me. If all goes well, I should have all the necessary funds within the next few weeks----but I still want to hear from you if you think you have a plausible offer. Better still, if you know of a church or church organization that grants business loans please don't hesitate to send me their contact info.

In the interim, I have decided to jump wayyy ahead of schedule in order to give you the most important part of the recovery package. I was more than pleased to find the following video link/audiobook on youtube. I have been giving the actual book as a wedding gift for better than ten years.  This is the most POWERFUL bible based information that I have ever encountered as it relates to marriage and/or romantic relationships. (Apostle Paul even eludes to this information in one of his epistles.). Normally when I post videos they are optional. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!!!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!....or you will miss the most vital part of the recovery package. I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have an 'emotional romantic love tank' placed on the inside of us by God Almighty. The 'emotional romantic love tank' has to be filled with the correct fuel---which is different for each individual---or the individual will mutate in order to meet that particular need (aka: pornography, prostitution, adultery, toxic boyfriends, toxic girlfriends, casual sexual relations with various partners, etc.) and that's but one of many spiritual ailments that has haunted you for years. Once you become aware of 'the emotional romantic love tank' as well as some of the other protocols---you will have much greater control over your emotional status as well as the determining factor(s) concerning the positive aspects of your romantic destiny.


The Five Love Languages

Answering Your Recent Question(s)

I will go ahead and re-post a portion of what I had to rewrite after my computer crashed. And YES, I still hold true to form: YOUR LOCAL APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL CHURCH IS ILL-EQUIPPED TO HELP YOU IN THIS REGARD!!!!!....or else they would have done so by now. I still consider myself to be Apostolic Pentecostal so I am not putting down the movement in general as much as I am critiquing the catastrophic false doctrines and false belief systems that continue to do tremendous harm. As far as your question concerning divorce I will have to refer you to my e book entitled: What the Bible Really Says About Divorce! It's Not What You've Been Taught!

If you don't want to pay the 2.99 I will gladly provide you or anyone else (within reasonable distance) with a free type written copy upon request. The following is a rewritten excerpt on what I initially stated in the original article:


My Ought Against Pentecost!
[The Spiritual Psychology of Female Enslavement!]

One of the main problems with modern day Apostolic Pentecostalism is that those who have received the supernatural infilling of the Holy Ghost tend to believe that everything they are taught afterward s is just as accurate as what they were taught concerning Acts 2:38. After all, how could it not be when what you had been taught ushered in a glorious supernatural event known as the Baptism of the Holy Ghost???? Yet the sad reality is that 99.999% of what is taught in modern day Apostolic Pentecostalism after one's Acts 2:38 conversion simply does not line up with the word of God. This is a profound spiritual tragedy because many lives, marriages, and families have been totally destroyed as a result.

The truth is that modern day Apostolic Pentecostalism is responsible for millions of hungry souls around the world receiving the supernatural infilling of the Holy Ghost, yet they are also responsible for the vast majority of those same souls eventually leaving the church in what they incorrectly term as modern day backsliders----and that is the soul reason for such low attendance at most modern day Apostolic Pentecostal churches.

Hi, my name is Brother Eric Nelson. If you are reading this article, I don't believe you are reading this article by accident, I believe you are reading this article because God wants you to know the truth. God wants you to study His Word for yourself verses allowing those in positions of spiritual leadership to interpret the Word for you. The truth will set you free!....and God gave you a brain because He expects you to USE IT! My friend, this message is aimed straight at your heart.

More than likely, if you are an apostolic Pentecostal sister who has thus far remained in the fold----you are more than likely----from deep within the deepest recesses of your heart and soul----totally disillusioned with life----at least to some degree----and for good reason! You have secretly been wondering: Is this all there is? Why are we still pitching for pennies after all these years? Where is my Holy Ghost? Why do I secretly fantasize about leaving my marriage? I am no longer attracted to my husband. I don't like it when my husband touches me. I am tired of faking orgasm. I feel guilty and worldly for inwardly wanting to kick up my heals and really enjoy life. I am tired of the same old dull routine. I no longer have the enthusiasm to go to church like I used to----and of course----I always feel CONDEMNED. I have deep inner cravings that will not go away. I feel like life has passed me by. Sometimes I fantasize about being with other men. I don't want to miss the rapture. I don't want to go to hell, yet these deep inner cravings will not go away. I constantly go to the alter for prayer but it is only a temporary fix----it is like putting a band aide on a broken leg. The more I try to do the right thing the further I eventually stray in my thinking. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME? WHERE IS MY HOLY GHOST POWER??????????

My friend, STAY WITH ME! Usually when I write articles, I try to keep them short, sweet----yet very informative----and I always back up what I say with accurate scriptural analysis. This topic might prove to be a little bit different; I might need to break this particular topic down into several concise articles----or maybe I'll just turn it into a free e book. Nevertheless, by the time I am finished, I intend to prove to you----by way of accurate scriptural analysis----that you are NOT a horrible spiritual mutant. You are not a selfish narcissist for wanting to really enjoy life! You are not abnormal in your desires to live your life to the fullest capacity----a life filled with FUN, ROMANCE, WHOLESOME ADVENTURE and LOTS AND LOTS OF FREE-WHEELING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT EROTICISM.

Unfortunately, what you have become----like untold multiple thousands of Apostolic Pentecostals----is an unwitting victim of malicious false doctrine(s).


My friend, the only thing you are suffering from is a major spiritual identity crisis, and unfortunately; YOUR LOCAL APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL CHURCH IS ILL EQUIPPED TO HELP YOU!

Hopefully, you have not mutated and entered into a psychological affair with another man (or woman) outside the boundaries of your marriage covenant---that in and of itself would be spiritually horrific. It would even be far worse, if you have already mutated away from the protocols of female sexuality the way God initially designed female sexuality to function and have dared to allow the vulnerability of your sexuality to be exposed to someone else and have allowed yourself to be touched in a sexual manner outside the bonds of your marriage covenant. If so, you have allowed a HORRIFIC stain into your life known as: the stain of fornication (1st Corinthians 6:18). We are currently in the Age of Grace and you are already forgiven for ALL of your sins {I know that sounds foreign because you have never been taught such a positive doctrine from within the framework of modern day Apostolic Pentecostalism, yet it is the stone cold truth. (Ephesians 4:32)}, but the stain of fornication----which is a psychological stain----will remain in your life until you personally get with the Lord and allow Him to personally remove that stain through a spiritual process. If not, the stain of fornication will remain and will ruin the rest of your (romantic) life. It will not be a pleasant experience when the Lord takes you through the process to remove the stain---and He will only do so only with your spiritual prompting----please remember, special effort----and harsher more abrasive tactics----always have to be undertaken in order to remove any stain. It is better to go ahead and get it over with as soon as possible----especially if you have already developed an unnatural soul tie with someone outside the boundaries of your marriage covenant----if so, you will now have to allow the Holy Ghost to deliver you supernaturally from that unnatural soul tie----then you will have to allow the Lord to take you through a spiritual process in order to remove the stain of fornication from your life.

Depending on how deep the stain is will determine how painful the removal process is, but as you will see later on, the road you are currently on leads to massive heartache, destruction, and disillusionment like you have never imagined. AND HAVE YOU NOT ALREADY SUFFERED ENOUGH???? We will deal with these issues in much greater detail later on.

Right now I have provided some video links below that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand----other than the fact that the links below highlight how great the spiritual deception is in modern day Apostolic Pentecostalism as it relates to the word of God in an overall sense. The links below are short videos by two of many Apostolic Pentecostals who have awakened to the GREAT TITHING DECEPTION.

Tithing ten percent of one's income was something that started by elements of the satanic church in 4th century AD. I have personally witnessed some of my Pentecostal brothers and sisters who have allowed such spiritual indecencies as their utilities being shut off, their clunker car being repossessed, failing to buy their child a much needed pair of shoes, failing to take the family on a fun filled family outing, or the husband simply failing to surprise his wife with tickets to the local opera (opera? YUCK!) and then treating her to a late dinner afterwards----simply because they ignorantly believed they had to pay God ten percent of their gross income in order to avoid being cursed---YOU TALK ABOUT GROSS! Some of these same individuals would then turn around and borrow money from the exact same churches where they had just paid ten percent of their GROSS income. Or what's even worse, I have seen many of my Pentecostal brothers and sisters dutifully pay their tithes and then nervously sit around pretending to believe God by faith that He would somehow miraculously supply them with the same amount of money they had just tithed to their local church. LOL! Is it any wonder at all why many modern day Apostolic Pentecostals are financially disillusioned?



Pentecostal Lock Down!
The Spiritual Psychology of Female Enslavement!


One of Satan's biggest tricks is to call what is not sin-sinful in order to dupe the religious masses into trying to walk with God from within the power of their own human strength----thus placing themselves under the Old Testament curse.

Modern day Apostolic Pentecost is renowned for mixing the Old Testament with the New Testament----thus placing the ignorant masses under the Old Testament curse---- thus nullifying most of their God-ordained fun-filled joy----along with most of the supernatural effects of the Holy Ghost in their lives. No where is this more evident than how modern day Apostolic Pentecost subtly subdues its' female populace....


Answering More of Your Questions


There is no such thing a a silly question! I welcome all questions!....just shoot me an email.  (I promise I will never publicize your name, personal information, or your personal business without your personal consent). I have learned that if one person asks a pertinent question then there are usually others who have the exact same question in mind.

Recently, an Apostolic Pentecostal sister asked me about birth control. It seems that she is from a sect of Apostolic Pentecostalism that believes that taking birth control is sinful, YET her common sense tells her that four is enough.  I personally believe that birth control protocols issued by the standard medical profession are always very dangerous simply because drugs and pharmaceuticals alter one's physiology. There is a WONDERFUL product featured on this website called 'Neem".  Neem acts as a very potent birth control formula for men because it causes male sperm platelets to become so slippery that they cannot stick to the female egg in order to cause fertilization. What I love about Neem is that it is a natural substance that has been used for thousands of years and it has so many wonderful benefits for the human body that it would be pointless to even attempt to mention one third of them. Neem does not alter one's physiology and there are no known harmful side effects. I have taken Neem as a blood purifier and also for other health benefits----and I can see why a harmful bacteria would immediately vacate the premises upon meeting Mr Neem. Neem taste TERRIBLE! Neem is good for the hair, skin disorders, the teeth, killing viruses and infections, etc. The effects on male fertility wear off after ten days. In other words, a man has to quit taking Neem for ten days in order to become fatherhood eligible. ALWAYS CONDUCT YOUR OWN RESEARCH! From my own personal studies I think that Neem is somewhere between 80 to 90% accurate as a birth control formula. It is also very inexpensive and very safe for the human body.


As far as my view on tithing is concerned, tithing ten percent of one's hard earned money every time one receives a financial increase----in order to avoid being cursed by God Almighty----is hardcore satanism at it's very best! I know that many churches pretend that tithing money is the 'end all to be all' in order for them to pay their bills----yet statistics dating back to the mid 80's consistently indicate that many churches that give up the false doctrine of tithing money and start teaching New Testament giving eventually triple their financial intake.  For further details please refer to one of my articles that denotes my personal testimony concerning tithing. (YES! I used to be a tither! LOL! I spent 17 years as a faithful Apostolic Pentecostalite.).

More pertinent info!


Prayer Alert!

There is a pentecostal sister out there who is in real trouble. She is a married apostolic pentecostal mom who sidelines as a prostitute and has a boyfriend on the side. She is actually the fifth apostolic pentecostal sister I am aware of----that is----since the mid 80's----who has prostituted on the downlow. This sister is a little different because her behavior is off the charts destructive----and at best borderline suicidal. This dear sister has a hole in her soul the size of the Grand Canyon, and it appears that her husband is not only asleep at the switch, but this brother is straight up spiritually comatose.  Stay tuned for my up & coming article entitled: The Spiritual Psychology Of An Aposatolic Pentecostal Prostitute! Keep this dear sister in your prayers; perhaps God will lead her to this article. If not, this article will certainly bless the lives of others who are in similar situations. God Bless!