Actor Based Reality Via the Satanic Church!

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There are literally multiple thousands of these profiles. Mystery Babylon has always hired actors to do their bidding. We live inside a satanic mental matrix where reality and fantasy become blurred. Most of the so called world leaders are hired actors. The pretext for most wars is also fake although the wars themselves are very real—-war is extremely profitable for the new world order satanists behind the scenes who worship mammon.

Jesus stated that you can't worship both God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). Now why did he not simply say that you can't worship both God and satan?

The word mammon means money/riches, but it is also another derivitive for Satan. There are satanists—-who with full knowledge of what they are doing and who they are worshipping—-who have always worshipped the aspect of satan known as mammon. They love to get control of a country's banking system and then they hire actors to pose as world leaders while simultaneously rewriting the history books. This is a very subtle way the satanic church has been trying to take over the world for multiple centuries—-possibly since the days of Christ.

This video does an excellent job explaining how the world as we know it today actually functions behind the scenes. You can watch this video right here without going through checkout. Simply scroll down a few inches to find the 'video' tab. Enjoy!


1 review for Actor Based Reality Via the Satanic Church!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony Ferguson

    This is some deep deep shit. Thanks for posting!

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Actor Based Reality

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