The Eternal Lake of Fire

By Brother Eric Nelson


lake of fire

The following are personal revelations God gave me concerning the eternal lake of fire. THIS IS WHAT JESUS DIED TO SAVE US FROM!

This article seems to upset a lot of Christians, but that is not at all the intent.

Salvation comes in three phases: justification, sanctification & glorification. If you have truly been born again you cannot lose your justification in God. In other words, you are not going to suffer eternal damnation.

This article does stand as a warning to the unsaved! But for those who are saved, this article provides awesome spiritual ammunition to use against the forces of darkness. We are truly in a climatic spiritual battle with demons aka: demigods, fallen angels, and the devil himself. It’s amazing how when we, as God’s children, remind the forces of darkness of their future destiny----so many times problems just melt away.

Before I talk about the lake of fire I must first mention hell. The first thing I want to say about hell is that hell is the gateway to the lake of fire. It is impossible to arrive at the lake of fire without first going through hell. SINCE JESUS CONQUERED HELL, FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED THE SUPERNATURAL INFILLING OF THE HOLY GHOST, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE!

Whatever an unsaved person purposefully/intentionally does in this life that is outside the will of God (alias: sin) will follow them into eternity. When the bible speaks of reaping it means an eternal reaping----at least in some instances. For example, if someone who has never been saved is having sex outside of marriage they are outside the will/inheritance of God. That means that they are intentionally following demonic protocols and thought patterns and manifesting the works there of through their flesh. That's what the Old Testament was all about. No one was judged or put to death until they acted upon their thought patterns and manifested the evil intentions thereof through their flesh (i.e.: adultry, murder, theft, violence, kidnapping, child molestaion, etc.). This is known as presumptuous sin alias the realm of judgment. So when they arrive in hell the demons who they willfully submitted to in this life (through their thought patterns) will legally be able to apply torments to their souls according to their sinful fleshly manifestations here upon the earth. In other words, the punishments of hell are not even-Steven for everyone. Most people have their struggles in the sexual arena.

The more sex they have outside of marriage and the various types of perverted sex they have (such as group sex, gay sex, animal sex, rape, child molestation, blood letting, feces eating, vomit drinking, physical torture, etc.----all daily, routine, sexual practices of the satanic church.) will follow them into eternity.

There are people right now having the same perverted sex they enjoyed in this life with demons and spiritual principalities (That's where these appetites outside the will of God come from in the first place.) This is profoundly dangerous stuff! There are people being physically manipulated/tortured/raped and mutilated by supernatural beings who hate God along with all of humanity. It seems that those who are not in fires that are so indescribably hot suffer the worst unimaginable forms of violence and physical mutilation. But I must stress the point that there are thousands of levels and degrees of various torments and torture chambers in hell. This is where a person who decides NOT to accept God's free give of eternal life aka: the supernatural infilling of the Holy Ghost is going to live for at least 1000 years or longer (much longer than they ever lived here on earth.).

Okay, the lake of fire is where the condemned go after judgment day. Judgment Day begins after the 1000 year millennial reign here on earth. They will be judged in order to determine what their starting positions will be in the lake of fire.

The Holy Ghost showed me that mathematics is God’s gift to humanity. EVERYTHING we do involves numbers to some degree or another: space, time, measurements, speed, dosages, heights, weights, money, years, decades, fractals, etc.

Numbers/mathematics completely govern our lives. There is no such thing as the biggest number or the smallest number because you can always add numbers 1-9 to the end or beginning of any given number. In other words, numbers are eternal (like God). The Lord allowed me to see through the Holy Ghost that eternal punishment is just like the numbers on a number line. It starts at a certain point but never ends. Eternal punishment is indeed GOD'S WRATH POURED OUT FULL STRENGTH for all time and eternity. I won’t go into detail but I believe that the least hottest part of the lake of fire (where death and hell will spend eternity) is approximately 25 million degrees Fahrenheit. But it doesn’t really matter because sooner or later a person will reach an area that is most certainly that hot. They will be gasping for air, convulsing violently, crying vehemently, constantly repenting, cursing God, cursing themselves, cursing humanity.......

The lake of fire is a bottomless pit. That means that those who choose to participate will be falling forever and ever.  The devil is the one who started all of this evil rebellion against God Almighty in the first place; therefore, he will go on to reap the greatest harvest of eternal damnation than all of the billions of the eternally damned combined. Those who choose to follow him will follow after him forever and ever alias the term followers of satan. What that literally means is that satan might be in an area where the temperatures have literally reached a trillion degrees or higher and perhaps someone else who rejected God might be hundreds of light years behind satan where they have only reached areas where the temperature is literally one million degrees Fahrenheit.

Every pain(s) anyone has ever caused anyone else will be placed inside of them and they will grow in those pains forever. Their external environment will be the unimaginable heat contained in the lake of fire. Every second they are falling it will continuously be getting hotter and hotter. Where satan has been they will one day arrive.

Satan will be in areas that are multiple trillions of degrees in Fahrenheit (I know that this is impossible for the human mind to comprehend.) and he will wish he were back in areas where the temperature is only two or three billion degrees in Fahrenheit.

One of the reasons for the white throne judgment is to determine a person’s starting position in the lake of fire. What amazes me about the lake of fire is that sooner or later a person will arrive at temperatures that are so hot that it will literally make hell seem like an ice sickle, and from there it goes on to keep on getting hotter and hotter forever and ever. People in the lake of fire will reach temperatures that have never been named, calculated or even considered here on earth and from there it will keep on getting hotter and hotter.

Not only will a person be falling forever to hotter temperatures but I believe that as they fall it will always continue to get darker and darker as well as they will probably fall faster and faster to greater depths of darkness and despair (I have to state it like that because my human mind cannot comprehend falling faster and faster for all of eternity, nor can I comprehend a deepening darkness forever and ever.).

The beauty in all of this is that satan will make the suffering he put the Lord Jesus Christ through look like kindergarten. That’s one of the reasons God is so slow to anger and He is so abundantly rich in mercy towards us. He understands totally what a person is in for if they choose to follow satan. That’s why He can readily forgive any and all sins save blaspheming the Holy Ghost----and blaspheming the Holy Ghost is impossible to commit during this particular dispensation----the Age of Grace (Romans-Philemon in your bible).

Even mass murderers can be readily forgiven. Even mass murder is not a fair exchange for the judgment that a person will receive. That’s why Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies and then He turns around and tells us that He will repay them. (And that’s an understatement!).

Reaping has never been a fair exchange. You always get more in return than what you planted. The bible tells us to sow after the Spirit so that we can reap eternal life. But which ever direction we choose to sow our lives we will reap eternally.


Divine Revelation of Hell