The Truth About Slavery



 By Brother Eric Nelson

Religious racist tend to look for any excuse----no matter how flimsy----to pretend like their racist viewpoints are legitimized in the word of God.

For untold centuries religious racist have taught the false doctrines that all of Ham’s offspring were cursed by God with having dark skin. God also allegedly cursed all of Ham’s descendants with having to live as slaves in servitude to the white race. This is allegedly a result of the incident that happened in Genesis 9: 20-27.

The sad reality is that many dark skinned people tend to believe this satanic lie and have to rationalize and/or adjudicate themselves by rightly proclaiming that all curses ended with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I wholeheartedly agree that Jesus Christ delivered us from all curses no matter how much pigmentation is within our skin----yet when we examine what the scriptures have to say concerning the alleged curse of Ham, we find that the curse of Ham is a NON-EXISTENT curse----which is another topic for another article that I am currently working on.

In this particular article I simply want to pose a few simple questions concerning Ham’s offspring allegedly being cursed by God Almighty.

The racist misinterpretation states that God Almighty cursed all of Ham’s descendants with having dark skin forever. This is nothing more than a convenient satanic assumption that allows the religious racist to take a GIGANTIC mental leap and assume that all dark-skinned people are descended from Ham.

What the religious racist fails to consider is that Noah’s son Shem was also dark-skinned. Some of Shem’s descendants listed in Genesis 10: 21-32 are as follows: Arphaxad, Elam, Asshur, Mesha, Ophir, Sepher, etc…. Please note that the aforementioned descendants of Shem settled the nation states of Mesopotamia, Medea (Persia), Assyria, India and South Arabia (which borders AFRICA). Historically, 99.999% of those who have populated the aforementioned nation states range in skin tones from dusky to very dark.


I have yet another question that begs to be answered.

We know that Jesus Christ was dark-skinned----as was Mary and Joseph----because in Matthew 2: 13-14----at the behest of an angel Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with baby Jesus in order to hide out----in order to stop King Herod from killing baby Jesus.

Egypt is a part of AFRICA! It’s very difficult to hide out and be inconspicuous in AFRICA if one is not of dark-skinned origin. So the question remains to be answered: ARE THE RELIGIOUS RACISTS IN THEIR RELIGIOUS ZEALOTRY SOMEHOW INADVERTENTLY CLAIMING THAT THE VERY ONE THEY CLAIM TO HONOR AND WORSHIP----THE LORD JESUS CHRIST----WAS ALSO CURSED BY GOD ALMIGHTY FOR HAVING DARK SKIN???????

I have yet another question that begs to be answered.

We know that in South Africa alone there are approximately seven hundred million dark-skinned Africans----and this does not include the rest of Africa----nor does it include all of the dark-skinned Africans who have lived throughout history----nor does it include the untold BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dark skinned people who have lived all over the world throughout history.


If the alleged curse of Ham is a true curse that is endorsed by God Almighty Himself, then every white person throughout history would have had approximately 50,000 to 100,000 dark-skinned slaves at their beck and call for the entirety of their lives.

I knowww! (But sometimes you have to be ridiculous in order to highlight the ridiculousness of a matter.)


Part 2

Religious racists have claimed for centuries that dark-skinned people were cursed with having dark-skin by God Almighty ever since the days of Noah. This is known as Ham’s curse. Religious racists further claim that as a result of this initial curse dark-skin people were further cursed by God Almighty to be slaves to their light-skinned counterparts. Both of these claims are nothing more than convenient satanic lies.

Biblically, HAM’S CURSE IS NONEXISTENT. There is not one single solitary scripture in the Bible where God cursed Ham.

The religious racists of today who still steadfastly hold true to these false doctrines evidently forgot to check the historic records. They also forgot to do something as simple as: NOTICING THE WORLD AROUND THEM. If dark-skinned people were truly cursed by God Almighty as having to be slaves to their light-skinned counterparts----since 80% of the world is of dark-skinned origin----then most white people today should have access to multiple thousands of dark-skinned slaves throughout the entirety of their lives. Yea right! LOLLLLL!

The word SLAVE is actually a derivative of the word SLAV. The word SLAV is in direct reference to WHITE EASTERN EUROPEANS. The Slavs of Eastern Europe spent a millennium as SLAVES to various conquerors that swept through the Eastern European region, in particularly: Celts, Greeks, Romans and Barbarians. So if the word SLAVE is a derivative referring to our light-skinned counterparts the SLAVS of Eastern Europe, then how do the religious racists of today honestly claim that dark-skinned people are cursed by God Almighty to be SLAVS a.k.a. WHITE EUROPEAN SLAVES??????? LOLLLLLLL! (I am not condoning slavery at all. It was never part of God’s original plan, but please take note that the SLAVS were conquered at key points in their nation’s history by both light and dark-skinned conquerors.).

A little known fact that has somehow been conveniently lost throughout history is that during the slave trade ONE HALF of all arrivals in the American colonies were WHITE SLAVES. These were slaves for life; their slavery was hereditary.

Another little known fact is that the slave trade started here in America when a black man went to court in order to keep another black man from being released from a seven year stint as an indentured servant. The court ruled that Anthony Johnson (black owner) could keep Robert Parker (black indentured servant/ slave) indefinitely. Now wait just a minute! Religious racists still claim that ALL dark-skinned people are cursed by God Almighty to be subservient to their light-skinned counterparts----yet how do they explain all of the WHITE SLAVS/ SLAVES throughout history???????.......and furthermore, how do they explain the existence of a black man named Anthony Johnson who owned slaves???????

According to the religious racists Anthony Johnson should have been a slave NOT a slave owner. As a matter of fact 28% of blacks owned SLAVS/ SLAVES in the south at the height of the slave trade----of course these were extremely wealthy-evil-black elitist.

At the height of the slave trade only 6% of southern whites owned slaves----of course this 6% was confined to only the rich-evil-anti-humanist-elitist types. (The reason slavery was able to go on for such a long time is because of the fact that most white people were not like the religious racists. Most white people had zero interest in owning other human beings regardless of race, color and creed. Also, most white people in America did not encounter the slave industry---certainly not on a day to day basis----during their lifetime.)

There were approximately 500,000 black slaves brought into America at the height of the slave trade over a 50 year span of time. In the interim, there were MILLIONS of blacks and whites who were exported to other countries as slaves from all over the world.

During the height of the slave trade in America the black population tripled----which eventually lowered the need to import more slaves. During the height of the slave trade in America if you were to include both the north and the south only 1.4% of whites actually owned slaves----as opposed to 28% of blacks who owned slaves. (There is a primary satanic reason we have been lied to on every hand: mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, financially, politically, historically, etc… and we need to be asking ourselves WHY?) It should also be noted that 94% of white southerners hated the slave industry----which later became a race issue though it actually started off as a class warfare issue. The slave industry grotesquely lowered economic opportunities for the white working class----they simply could not compete with the free labor afforded to the evil slave owners.

According to the U.S. census of 1830 in Charleston, SC alone, 407 black Americans owned slaves----yet you’ve never heard any of this in our public school systems. WHY???????

Sometimes we as African Americans make the mistake of being mentally subservient. We actually believe (because it’s what we’ve been told to believe) that our white counterparts from America were so overwhelmingly powerful that they could effortlessly navigate the mighty ocean, arrive in Africa, fearlessly go out into the African wilderness, find unsuspecting African tribes, set up booby-traps of major proportions, and then systematically and consistently kidnap multiple thousands of ferocious African warriors along with other indigenous men, women and children for years and years on end.

In truth, the average life expectancy for the average white person trying to navigate the harsh African environment was less than one year----and these were people who were not operating in stealth. The life expectancy of any slave trader dumb enough to try to navigate the harsh African wilderness in a stealthy fashion would easily have been less than one month. There were just too many unexpected perils, such as: wild animals, extreme high heat, African warriors, many species of poisonous snakes not found in America, hundreds of species of biting insects not found in America, starvation, DEHYDRATION, various diseases not found in America, etc…. So what really happened?

Blacks were exported from Africa do to civil war between tribes----some of these civil wars have lasted for centuries. The captured prisoners were then brought to the seaport----with the African government's consent----because slavery was very lucrative for world leaders worldwide----where both Arabs and white Americans paid ransom/tribute for the kidnapped prisoners. Earlier in this article I mentioned that the black population in America tripled during the height of the slave trade. This was not to be the case for those who were sold to the radical Arab/Muslim slave traders. Ninety percent of African slaves brought to America survived while over ninety percent of African slaves sold to the radical Arab/Muslim slave traders died.

Most prisoners sold to the radical Arab/Muslim slave traders did not survive the brutal-inhumane trip from Africa to the Middle East to actually become permanent slaves. The tortures men, women and children had to endure included everything from castration, various forms of amputation and mutilation, rape, extreme physical exertion, dehydration, starvation, endless beatings, murder for sport, infanticide, cannibalism, etc…. The prisoners who actually survived and went on to become full-fledged slaves had a life expectancy of five to six years----therefore, the radical Arab/Muslim slave traders always maintained a need to replenish their dwindling slave industry. It has been reported that the death toll over 14 centuries from the radical Arab/Muslim slave trade in Africa alone is approximately 112 million people.

Since the days of Noah light and dark-skinned people have been both slaves and slave owners. In short, the religious racists who claim that ALL dark-skinned people are the result of Ham’s curse and ALL dark-skinned people since the days of Noah are cursed by God Almighty to be subservient to their light-skinned counterparts is one of the STUPIDEST theological concepts ever contrived.


They Were White and They Were Slaves