Women, Makeup, & the Church

By Brother Eric Nelson




Why Ladies?

Is it arrogance, vanity, insecurity? Or are you simply ashamed of your God given face?

Okay! Trust me. I’m the last person to judge. Besides, a lot of (Christian) sistahs seem to get HYPER-sensitive when you start mess’in around with their make-up. Nevertheless, as a self professed health nut, I tend to wonder why so many Christians are so diligent to do harmful things their bodies (aka.: temples of the living God). In other words: vanity? arrogance? insecurity? Or perhaps all of the above? I pose these questions for very good reason.

The following are some of the dangerous chemicals you absorb through your skin every time you apply vanity----oops! I mean make-up. For instance: phenoxyethanol- Is a preservative that reportedly causes severe skin irritations as well as skin allergies. Just the name alone makes me cringe.

Formaldehyde- A dangerous carcinogen used in many cosmetics, and also used by many funeral directors as an embalming agent. Formaldehyde is also known to cause nasal cancer in many laboratory test animals.

Sodium lauryl sulphate-Is a degreaser used in many detergents. It is also used by many mechanics in garages to clean oil and grease off of the floors. This product is the same product known as sodium laureth sulphate; the only difference is that sodium lauryl sulphate is combined with ethylene oxide to form smaller molecules. These smaller molecules then have the ability to be absorbed through the skin where they enter the bloodstream and build up in the internal organs. The external skin secretes natural oil. Sodium lauryl sulphate ( a degreaser) leaves the outer skin rough and dry. Now if it can do this to the outer (rougher) layer of skin imagine what it can do to the softer tissues when absorbed through the internal organs.

Phenylenediamine- Has been linked to hormonal disruptions, cancers, neurological damage, and reproductive organ damage. How nice!

Parabens- Are dangerous preservatives that are linked to breast cancer.

Other dangerous chemicals (not always mentioned on labels are): phthalates, hydrogenated oils, lanolin, benzene, Cocamide DEA, sodium chloride, parfum, glycol stearate, tetrasodium EDTA, citric acid, polyquaternium 7, sodium hydroxide, high fructose corn syrup, etc…

WOWWWW! Imagine the untold damage you are causing to your skin if you do this three to five times a week for ten to twenty years (or longer). So again I must pose these very pertinent questions: Why ladies? Vanity? Arrogance? Insecurity? Or all of the above? (Note: If you are simply trying to look younger, applying make-up actually works for the time being, but it also reeks major damage to your skin cells----thus exacerbating the aging process. It’s like catch 22, which is exactly what the cosmetic conglomerates want----residual income.

Why Ladies?

Why are we so quick (both men and women) to embrace worldly standards? The world has never meant anybody any good at any time. Do we really believe that God Himself sanctions such dangerous protocols?

Since God made the human body why not utilize His wisdom in regard to the human body?

Let’s now take a sanctified look at four of His beloved servants: Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, & Azariah?

In Daniel the 1st chapter we find that Daniel and his three friends where willing to place their very lives in danger by refusing to violate God’s law by eating the king’s food (which was considered to be the best food in the land). The only problem was that the king’s food (which had been offered to idols) was not only spiritually unclean, but it was also considered to be physically unclean according to the God-given Israelite laws and traditions (some of the king’s food was pork which is still considered to be unclean by most of the major religions). After a period of three years Daniel and his friends where brought before king Nebuchadnezzar. If they were not up to par according to the king’s likening(s) they could have been executed right there on the spot. The king questioned and examined them vehemently----where he discovered that not only did they look better than the other students (who had all eaten the king’s food) but they had ten times the knowledge of all the wisest men in Babylon, so as a result, Daniel and his friends where elevated to high positions of authority and honor, even though they were considered mere slaves in a foreign land.

The Daniel Diet

I’m not here to judge anyone, but given these variables I believe that anyone (both male and female) using make-up just to cover up----is nothing more than “vanity of life.”

I believe it’s possible for God’s people to use HIS wisdom to out-do the world every single time! And just like Daniel and his friends----what a marvelous testimony we will have.

I personally believe that Christian women should look 100 times better than worldly women regardless of age----due to the vibrant application of God’s loving, nurturing, and all encompassing wisdom----vs. the world’s cut-throat, make money at all cost----we simply don’t give a rip about your personal health and well being---protocols.

God made the human body so why not use the very ingredients He designed that will cause the human body to function at optimal levels? Why not nurture your skin with mega doses of vitamins and minerals????----INSTEAD OF HARSH MAN-MADE CHEMICALS SUCH AS EMBALMING FLUID AND DEGREASER?

There are several companies out there that cater to the mineral make-up industry, such as: Youngevity, Global Healing Center, Mi Essence, Burt’s Bees, The organic Make-Up Company, Raesin Images Cosmetics, Pure Reflections, Paul Penders, J. Lynne Cosmetics, Aubrey Organics, Monave, Honey Bee Gardens, Cory Cosmetics, Bare Essentials, Jane Iredale, Sheer Cover, Dr Hauschka, Wei East, Nvey Le Maqvillage, Everyday Minerals, Arbonne International, Ecco Bella, Earth’s Beauty, Aveda Corp, Lavera Naturkosmetik, Aromaleigh, Geografy, Alima cosmetics, Angelique Skin Care LLC, Hemp Organics, Suncoat, Afterglow Cosmetics, Forever Mineral Cosmetics, Evan’s Garden, etc…..

Why not give it a whirl!!!!!!


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